Train Travel

Train Travel

You might be wondering why train travel is still so popular in this millennium when so many new airline companies have been born and ensure an impressive number of flights to and from many parts of the world. This is a reasonable question to ask but it has a quite reasonable explanation too: train travel is really comfortable and relatively cheap.

Some people are air sick so it is impossible for them to get on a plane without feeling awful. In spite of the medicine one can take to stop being sick, many of us prefer to turn to train travel if we have to cover a long distance without getting tired. The car is a nice alternative for many people who love driving and are used to driving thousands of miles.

However, very young people who are not experienced enough at the wheel and elderly people who are not as energetic as they used to be years ago prefer to keep train travel in mind for a potential distant journey. As for short distances, train travel is a real joy, especially when it takes place during the day and you can admire nice landscapes along the way.

Though in the United States traveling by bus is somewhat more popular than train travel, trains are considered a safe and comfortable way of covering long distances by those who need to get fresh to the destination. If you are on the train, you can do whatever you need and spend some nice hours there. You can read, do crossword puzzles, listen to music, working on your laptop, even talking on the phone; there are few restrictions when it comes to train travel.

In Europe, train travel is even more popular than it is in America. Some say it is because roads are so bad compared to the similar roads in the States. Others consider that the difference is made by the fuel, which is more expensive on the European continent. Pollution is another reason why many people prefer to turn to train travel instead of using their own cars when they travel far away. Within the city they would rather take the subway instead.

Train travel is safe. It is much safer than traveling by car anyway and statistics come to sustain this idea in any part of the world. It is also very convenient due to the many trains that go the same way and practically allows you to choose the best option for you, without having to get up to early in the morning as you have to when you need to take an early plane. There are also very good connections which help you devise a nice route if you want to travel from one spot to another on the same continent.

If you are posh and looking for luxury train travel, you can get that too. There are really elegant trains going to many directions or just special carriages for those who need more comfort on both day and night trains. Those who are looking for very long journeys can obtain a ticket on a luxury train like the Orient Express and visit the biggest and nicest capitals of Europe for a couple of thousand euros.

There are trains for every pocket and routes for all needs. You can cross the USA on the train, travel around Europe, visit Asia, Africa and Australia at ease, if you are not in a hurry. Those who are after the beauty of a continent and do not want to drive had better get on a nice train and let it carry them to wherever there is a station.