Train Travel

Train travel: 7 reasons to go for train travel

With the airlines charging for every service they provide and the prices of fuel increasing all over the world, train travel is the best option left for vacationers. In the U.S train travel was not much preferred by the general public but it has been noticed that the number of people traveling by train has increased considerably.

There are a number of reasons for which train travel can be termed advantageous over any other mode of travel. Chances are that after getting to know the reasons you would travel by train the next time you plan a vacation.

1. Cheaper fares

Train travel provides people with the opportunity to save money on their travels. Compared with air travels the fares in train are much cheaper and hence more economical for the average traveler. The railways have a great number of discount schemes that help in reducing the train fares further.

2. Reliable fares

Those who are regular travelers in planes have had to pay more for one way tickets as compared to round trips. Also the fares tend to change from time to time. But with train travel there is no such problem. The fares tend to be the same throughout the year with occasional increases during some special times of the year. Train fares therefore are more reliable than the fares on planes.

3. Getting alternate trains easily

Train travel offers travelers with the chance of catching another train in case they missed one and the service between the trains tend to be quite regular. People do not have to wait for long for the next train once they have missed on one. Train travel makes it possible to make last minute plans without having to meet any additional expense.

4. Larger baggage

With train travel travelers get the option of carrying much more baggage as compared with the airlines which charge money for every extra baggage that one carries.

5. Saving time before leaving

In the airlines there are long lists of procedures that must be met before boarding the plane. Due to this reason people need to get to the airport hours before the departure of their planes. In train travel, however the travelers have the option of arriving just a few minutes before the departure of their trains and board them without much hassle.

6. Saving on travel charges after getting off the train

With train travel it is possible to get to your hotels or residences without much trouble as every town has its own train station. In air travels often people have to avail some transport to reach their destinations from the airports and for large distances have to fish out large sum of moneys.

7. Economical and environment friendly

Compared to other modes of travel, train travel is found to be much more economical and environment friendly. The emissions in the trains are much less than in airplanes, which makes train travel quite environment friendly. Also because of its efficiency in consuming energy the train fares are not much affected by the increase in fuel prices.

8. Greater comfort

Train travel lets the travelers relax completely in the train without having to worry about the space and also not having to figure out the way to their destinations. The travelers have the freedom of moving around the train unlike in airplanes.